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Devotion to the game

Troy DeVries was born and raised in Mount Vernon, WA. He fell in love with the game of basketball at a very young age with many dreams and aspirations. Through Gods blessing, grace, and faithfulness coupled with Troy’s work ethic and dedication he was able to fulfill many of his dreams. Some of those dreams include winning a state championship, getting a full ride scholarship to a division 1 school, playing in the NCAA tournament, and playing professionally for 12 years all throughout the world including one Portuguese National title. He has been known to be the ultimate professional that strives for excellence in everything he does. He has studied the game and trained himself and others all throughout his life. In a world that is starving for male leadership and mentorship Troy has a deep desire to be that role model in athletes lives. He wants to provide a safe place where players can be challenged, can learn, and grow as players and people on a weekly basis.

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A program for every ability

Devotion Basketball prides itself in giving each athlete elite basketball training and mentoring. The main goal is to help each athlete grow as a player and a person. Through the vast resources and countless hours of training that owner and founder Troy DeVries has put in throughout his 12 year professional basketball career he has a lot to give and you are in great hands. His love for people and dedication to giving his best in all he does will bless all that come into contact with him. He will encourage each player to give their personal best each and every day. The attitude that each player grows most from their mistakes will create an environment of greater development and a fearless approach to becoming the best they can be. Training sessions over time will include but are not limited to basketball skill development in areas such as shooting, dribbling, moving without the ball, basketball IQ, defense, passing, one on one moves, footwork, and much more. Troy is a global basketball trainer that travels worldwide, and does training sessions for individuals, groups, and clinics will be held as well.

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Growth through experience

Through the many life experiences Troy DeVries has had he brings a wealth of knowledge and insight that will encourage others to overcome great obstacles. He has traveled the world playing professional basketball for 12 years, has overcome numerous injuries, has done what many said he could not do, has won championships at high school, college, and professional levels, and continues to live a life that overcomes all odds. He is someone that is victor and not a victim. He has a great desire to help others in any capacity so they too can become overachievers and overcomers. This service reaches out to teams and individuals that are wanting a clearer picture of what direction they should go.