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Devotion Basketball prides itself in giving each athlete elite basketball training and mentoring. The main goal is to help each athlete grow as a player and a person. The attitude that each player grows most from their mistakes creates an environment of intense development and a fearless approach to becoming the best they can be.

Troy DeVries teaches through life experience, he brings a wealth of knowledge and insight that will encourage others to overcome great obstacles. He has traveled the world playing professional basketball for 12 years, has overcome numerous injuries, has done what many said he could not do, has won championships at high school, college, and professional levels, and continues to live a life that overcomes all odds. Get started on your path to success today.

We train winners on and off the court

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Individualized Approach

Our main goal is to help each athlete grow as a player and a person. We encourage each player to give their personal best each and every day. Troy has found that a personalized training strategy helps each individual develop in to the athlete they want to be.


Through our mentorship program we reach out to teams and individuals that want direction on and off the court. Troy has traveled the world playing professional basketball and can share from personal experience what it means to overcome adversity.

Proven Success

Troy has achieved success – winning a state championship, getting a full ride scholarship to a division 1 school, playing in the NCAA tournament, and playing professionally for 12 years throughout the world. We have what it takes to take your game to the next level.

Aaron NewkirkOregon City Varsity Coach

“Troy DeVries has provided outstanding player and character development to many of the players in our Oregon City program. His collegiate and professional playing experience gives him a unique approach to building fundamental and advance skill training.”

Bradley TinsleyProfessional Basketball Player

“Troy has a work ethic second to none that has ultimately made him one of the most elite shooting guards in Europe during his playing career. I have personally learned so much from him, not only on the court with his high level moves and expertise, but also the mental approach to the game. I would recommend him to any and all young basketball players who want to improve their game.”

Henry BarerraStrength & Conditioning At Liberty University

“Troy is the consummate pro. From how he prepared as a professional athlete to how he lives his life. He understands the game both from a technical and tactical perspective and perhaps more importantly understands the mindset needed to perform at a high level. I’d highly recommend getting any time around him possible.”

Matt and Julie PitzlParents

“We were lucky enough to have Troy Devries coach two of our daughters. He’s an amazing coach, and an exceptional basketball player. His guidance/training brought out skills in our daughters that we could visibly see on the court. They acquired confidence in the skills he helped them master.”

Kimberly PeitzPlayer

“By the end of the season I had expanded my basketball skills, my work ethic during practices and games, and more importantly my relationship with the Lord. I am forever grateful for the season I was blessed to share with Troy because it's given me a better perspective on why I played sports and more importantly a higher expectation for myself to work hard at everything I do in life. I consider it all a gift from the Lord.”

Maddy SteelePlayer

“Being coached by Troy was never about winning or losing or what result came from our efforts as basketball players. Even though we had a very successful season finishing in first place. Our focus throughout the season always was on doing our best for God in how we competed and how we conducted ourselves and treated others. Being coached by Troy has taught me many things and I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to be under his guidance.”

Luke BabbittNBA Player

“Troy DeVries brings a wealth of experience to his workouts stemming from his success at the highest levels of international basketball. I've been blessed to workout with Troy for the last 5 plus summers and my game has really benefited from it. His attention to detail during on court workouts have allowed him to have such a long and productive playing career, and is something every player can learn from.”

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